Yes, I do.  The trick is to partner with some other organisation (the local library, community association, chamber of commerce, etc), and advertise well in advance.  People are interested, you've just got to let them know that it's on, and get them through the door.

Of course, success in a small community is often "getting a dozen people", but if that's 10% of the town's population it can be better than filling an entire auditorium!


On 18 October 2011 21:22, Fred Bauder <> wrote:
> Does anyone have any experience doing Wikipedia/Wikinews outreach and
> training in remote areas?  What sort of materials did you use in the
> classroom?  How closely did you work with teachers in developing
> classroom
> related training?
> Sincerely,
> Laura Hale

A bit of trying without generating much interest. Due to the tiny
percentage of people who edit Wikipedia attempting to offer classes in a
small community will probably generate little interest. My understanding
is that meetups even in London or New York City draw considerably less
than 100 people.

However, if you can draw a crowd, or even a few people, perhaps to edit
articles about local communities and history, by all means, please go for


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