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However, if you can draw a crowd, or even a few people, perhaps to edit
articles about local communities and history, by all means, please go for

This is a case where we found community college equivalents who will find teachers for us to work, where we will have set dates to go into their classrooms and work with students to assist them in learning about Wikipedia/wikiNews in a way that will help the instructor meet course learning objectives.  We wouldn't go there with out that commitment. :) http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/Outreach_Oceania has some of the details. As we've gotten the commitment from three schools, hence the next step of trying to design materials.  If people had designed learning resources for in classroom training, I'd love to take advantage of them , as opposed to having to create materials from scratch.  (And then possibly try to get them translated into Japanese at the very least.  Local languages have very few speakers so attempting to find one to translate in advance would be difficult.)

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