2011/10/19 Juan de Vojníkov <juandevojnikov@gmail.com>

Err, we have just page we previously reported. We also try to leave there feedbacks: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:School_and_university_projects/ISP/Feedback

Had not seen this link before. :) Thanks.
Reo On was following the Syllabus on Outreach wiki, but that one is for University - in this case we are on elementary/high school: http://outreach.wikimedia.org/wiki/Education/The_Syllabus

Some of the links on there are ones I had not seen.  Contextualised into lesson plans, they make things make more sense.  Some stuff that may be useful in terms of ideas for writing something of my own, as I think I'm looking for something that can be put on library shelves.
And even there is now chapter in the appropriate region, you can still ask for the help other chapters of WMF.

No chapter.  One country I think has a population of 110,000, with the largest population centre being 55,000. One of the places we are going there has a population of around 5,500 on the island.  The other has a population of 68,000 with the capital having around 25,000 people.   Not sure an independent chapter would be viable.  We should have support from Wikimedia Australia, and we'll probably be looking for WMF support in the coming weeks.  We just need a better grasp on our timelines and budget.

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