thats interesting. I can see my favourite WMF project Wikiversity there. How the off UK wikiedukians can help?


2012/5/21 Martin Poulter <infobomb@gmail.com>
Hi eduwikians, Martin Poulter from the UK here. I'm nominally the
program leader for the WEP for the UK, but you haven't heard from me
much yet because I've *also* been a Wikimedia UK trustee, a lead on
WMUK's expert outreach, a Wikipedia trainer, and I have two day jobs,
so I've been a bit overwhelmed. However, I'm determined to make
Wikipedia assignments take off in this country and to be seen as a
mainstream option in university education. I've been giving talks and
having meetings over the past year with staff at various levels in
various institutions.

This is coming to a head this September with a one-and-a-half day
EduWiki conference, bringing together Wikimedians who are supporting
education and educators who are using Wikimedia projects in various
ways. It's a chance to have the big discussion about how Wikipedia
assignments will work within the UK education system. The GLAM-Wiki
conference in the UK two years ago kicked off a set of working
relationships which have really exploded into being the major part of
the UK chapter's activity. I'm keen that EduWiki will have a similar
impact. Anyone who is doing Wikipedia educational stuff in the UK, or
easy reach, should consider joining us.


I can promise that anyone who does a presentation or runs a session
will not be charged the conference fee, or will be refunded if they've
already booked. I am still assessing our travel budget, and I can't
promise to bring everyone in that I'd like to, but if you want help
with travel expenses and you think you'd be a useful part of this
conference, drop me an email and I'll see what I can do. The EduWiki
conference is one week before the GLAM-Wiki conference also in the UK,
so it could be the perfect holiday for someone who wants a massive
double dose of wiki-enthusiasm.

Dr Martin L Poulter
Volunteer, Wikimedia UK   http://uk.wikimedia.org/
Wikipedia contributor
Person                                                 http://infobomb.org/

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