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From: Brian Wolff <>
Date: Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 1:48 PM
Subject: [Wikitech-ambassadors] Language converter in external links change (affects languages: zh, uz, tg, sr, shi, ku, kk, iu and gan)

Hi everyone.

Later today, I intend to make a change to the language converter
system. The language converter system is used in a couple languages,
most notably zh and sr, to interpret -{ in wikisyntax. Previously, -{
}- syntax would work inside external links. Now you must put it
outside external links.

For example, previously you could do:

[http://-{;;}- mylink]

now you must do:

-{zh-cn: [ mylink] ; zh-hk: [ mylink] ;
zh-tw:[ my link] }-

I'm hopeful this change will not be too disruptive. If you encounter
any new weird behaviour with language converter please let me know.

Brian Wolff

p.s. List of probably affected pages:

I don't believe anything outside of serbian wikipedia, chinese
wikipedia, and chinese wiktionary will be affected.

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