Hello all!

I’m writing to solicit feedback on a plan to slightly rework the Discovery workboards on Phabricator.

Back when we were assembling the team and putting the process together, I expressed a strong desire to have a centralised Discovery workboard which would contain every task related to Discovery’s work. In the end, I’d say that hasn’t really worked out, because there’s simply too many tasks in the workboard and too much in flight. It’s been hard to sensibly break things down into different categories of task on a per-project basis. To help alleviate this problem, here’s my proposal:
How will this affect you? Firstly, this won’t affect you at all unless you spend a significant amount of time in the Discovery backlog, which should mostly be! Otherwise, nothing will really change for you. The workflow of engineers working on Maps and Wikidata Query Service, for example, will likely be completely unaffected by this change.

As I’m the primary consumer of the Discovery board, and it’s not working very well for me at the minute, I’d like to move forwards with this proposal unless there are any strong objections. Kevin and I will handle all the logistics.



Dan Garry
Lead Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation