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On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 2:43 PM Kaartic Sivaraam <> wrote:

Is there any MediaWiki API that could be used for a proper
case-insensitive category title search? Or is this still something that
doesn't exist yet?

For some context, I'm asking this for a feature request[1] in the
Commons Android app that asks for a case insensitive category title
search. In case you're wondering where category search comes into
picture in the app, adding appropriate categories for an image is part
of the upload flow.

I wonder that such an API doesn't exist yet for the following reasons:

A) The exhaustive search for such an API wasn't fruitful. The closest we
got was using `generator=search` with `srsearch=intitle:$SEARCH_TERM`
and `srnamespace=14` (14 is the id for category namespace in Commons).
But it's not a proper category search as it is essentially a search for
pages existing in Category namespace. See [2] for why it's not a proper
category search.

B) I saw "T59302 Suggest case insensitive results when searching for
categories to add"[3] which is still open. In particular the comment in
the ticket pointed to by [4].

So, is my understanding that an API for case-insensitive category title
search doesn't exist correct? Or am I missing something?


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