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On 19 June 2015 at 09:46, Kevin Smith <> wrote:
We have refined our use of our "sprint" projects, explicitly orienting them around people, not projects. The first step was that we renamed our Data-And-Research board to Analytics, reflecting that it is really all about Oliver's work.

Then we moved data-related engineering work out of the Analytics-Sprint board, and into the Cirrus-Sprint board. The people doing this work are part of the Cirrus sub-team, so all of their work (Cirrus or not) now appears on a single board. At some point, we might rename the Cirrus-Sprint project to reflect this new nature, but we're leaving it for now.

Short version: Every individual contributor on the team should be able to focus on just one workboard. If you are an engineer, you should no longer have to look for work on the Data or Analysis workboards.

I have updated our process page[1] accordingly.


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