Here's a fresh batch of hyperlinks from the world of Discovery.

* We've been discussing how to deal with data collection for the upcoming "TextCat A/B/C" test. This test is on enwiki, and the goal is to recognize queries that get fewer than three results that are in languages other than English, and provide results from the appropriate wiki. There are some technical hurdles with tracking clicks, dwell time, and other indicators of user satisfaction across wikis.

* Geospatial search prototype for WDQS:

* Query results for WDQS are now cached by default for 60 seconds.

* Portal team released numerous bug fixes and small enhancements on Thursday, April 14.

* Portal team disabled the latest A/B test for language detection, analysis will be completed soon.

* On Hackathon, we did partial implementation for non-exact title search to Special:Undelete - feedback welcome!


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