Hi all,

Last year (er, several weeks ago) we decided to set up a dedicated space for experimental dashboards so that anybody (including members of the community who want to do new things with existing data) can deploy a dashboard. The homepage for this space is http://discovery-experimental.wmflabs.org/

For example, I recently began work on a predictive modeling project with the goal to forecast usage of our services and detect outliers (e.g. when a labs bot went haywire on WDQS several weeks ago and we suddenly saw >21mil SPARQL requests). So I've deployed a prototype dashboard to the experimental space so it doesn't mess up our existing dashboards: http://discovery-experimental.wmflabs.org/forecast/ (Currently it only forecasts Cirrus API usage, but more will be added soon.)

To add your Shiny-powered dashboard, you need to add it as a submodule to the wikimedia/discovery/experimental repository on gerrit. Instructions for doing this can be found on this README

With warm regards,
Mikhail Popov on behalf of Discovery's Analysts