Hey all,

Stas and I just met to discuss how he can assist with search moving forwards. Stas works on a lot of projects, so we wanted to guide and plan his efforts together.

Given Stas's role as a technical liaison between the Wikidata and Search teams, we started there. I mentioned how structured file metadata for Commons is important for content discovery, given that it would potentially enable us to do more with search on Commons by having access to structured data. This was quite a popular item on the community wishlist, where it was noted that the Wikidata Team would be working on it. Discovery has some limited capacity to help with architectural discussions, and Lydia and I have discussed helping in this area before.

Stas is going to proceed with investigating T89733 "Allow ContentHandler to expose structured data to the search engine", which is a huuuuge task which needs a bit more definition to be actionable. Stas is continuing to work on the Wikidata Query Service and also (for this quarter) supporting the Performance Team in some of their efforts.

If you have any questions, let me know!


Dan Garry
Lead Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation