In our neverending march towards progress I've created a phabricator task to upgrade beta to Elasticsearch 1.6.0. That requires a few things:
* Release our plugins to archiva
* Propose a patch to upgrade to those new versions
* Manually land the patch in beta and sync those versions of the plugins
* On every Elasticsearch node (deployment-elastic0[5678]) download the elasticsearch 1.6 package, install it, and restart elasticsearch.

Its not a ton of work but in our effort to get non-Nik people used to doing elasticsearch maintenance I'd love for someone else to grab it. In our effort to upgrade to 1.6 soon, it'd be cool if someone could grab it in the next few days. We need at least a week of beta testing 1.6.0 before we upgrade production, just to be sure.

So anyone want to do it? I don't expect you need special permissions that are hard to get because its beta. We can add grant you whatever permissions you lack in just a few minutes.