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On 15 January 2016 at 15:15, Kevin Smith <> wrote:
As we prepare to bring our new Discovery ops person on board in a couple weeks, we have been talking about how to integrate Guillaume's workflow into our process. The following strawdog proposals are based on conversations that involved me, Dan, Guillaume, and others.

1. Meetings

We propose having Guillaume attend the search team standups for now, since 90+% of his initial work will relate to search. He would probably not any of the sprint planning or backlog grooming meetings. It's not clear whether we should have a weekly Ops planning meeting, which would resemble the Analysis planning meetings we already have.

2. Phabricator

We would create  a Discovery-ops-sprint project/board, which will represent the work of the Discovery ops team. This aligns with how we have handled the Maps and WDQS sub-teams, which are also very small teams.

3. Learn and iterate

Whatever we end up trying as a starting point, we'll inspect and adapt it as we go.

Any questions, comments, concerns, or questions?

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