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This is the weekly update from the Search Platform team for the week
starting 2019-03-04.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome.

== Discussions ==

=== Search ===
* We've updated Textcat with the new Russian wrong-keyboard and wrong-encoding models and now need CirrusSearch to be up to date as well [0]
* In order to ease migration to ES6 we should migrate to 5.6.14 first (epic task is now completed) [1]
** As part of the ES6 update, we needed to upgrade logstash and the logstash elasticsearch cluster to 5.6.14 [2]
** We also upgraded logstash plugin to 5.6.14 as part of the prep for elasticsearch upgrade [3]
* We've deployed & tested WikibaseCirrusSearch on beta cluster [4]
* We've also deployed & tested WikibaseCirrusSearch on testwikidata and found things to be good! [5]
* We found that incigna monitoring for Elasticsearch doesn't seem to notice when an out-of-memory error has happened on a node — this will be fully fixed with the next cluster restart [6]
* There was some logspam due to deduplicating I18N messages between Wikibase and WikibaseCirrusSearch that we resolved [7]
* A discovery was made with a WMFTimeoutException in Special:Search that was resolved by decreasing timeouts and removing our timeout hack for regexes [8]
* An umbrella task to track patches of merge commits to activate elastic6 support code [9]
* A ticket created way back in 2016 asked: 'the new substring search is great on mw.o. Can we have it on office wiki too?' and yes, now it is [10]

=== Wikidata Query Service ===
* We've created CI testing environment for Blazegraph on our Jenkins CI [11]
* Working on hiring a contractor to help us with Blazegraph tasks [12]
* We noticed that metrics from wdqs updater JMX should be prefixed while we were investigating something else, metrics exposed by jmx_exporter running on wdqs-updater should be prefixed with wdqs_updater_ to make it more clear what they are referring to (done!) [13]

== Other Noteworthy Stuff  ==
* Read Trey's new blog post about 'the anatomy of search: a place for my stuff' [14]


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