The Maps team at the Wikimedia Foundation is getting closer to make it possible to add interactive maps to Wikipedia. If you've ever used services like Google Maps or Mapquest you may be familiar with interactive maps. We’d like to invite editors to have a conversation on how these maps might be used within articles. We've put together information on how these maps and their style works from a technical perspective – where the data comes from, how maps are styled, how to add an interactive map, and a few example use cases. 

In particular we would like to focus the discussion around three key questions (open discussion outside these questions is welcome too).

* What types of articles would use interactive maps?

* How do these articles differ in their requirements?

* Are there any classes of articles whose map styling requirement is fundamentally in conflict with other article classes, thus requiring multiple styles?

If you are interested, please visit https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Maps/Conversation_about_interactive_map_use to learn more and get involved.

Chris Koerner
Community Liaison - Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation