Another option for personal categorization:  'flags' - it's the phabricator equivalent of bookmarks. Flags are personal, not shared publicly.

A bit more info about flags is at

On Fri, Jul 8, 2016 at 8:14 AM, David Causse <> wrote:
Thanks for all the suggestions,

If I sum up (in no particular order):

- tracking tasks:
  pros: everyone can do it
  cons: requires a lot of manual steps to classify, possible confusions with existing hierarchy, hard to search
- tags
  pros: seems to be perfect
  cons: requires special perms, could lead to tons of meaningless tags if it was open
- keywords in description
  pros: flexible because non structured
  cons: no special tools in phab to manage them, easy to get lost
- single tag with workboard and columns
  pros: good compromise
  cons: affected columns are not displayed everywhere, cannot assign to multiple columns, requires 2 steps to classify, cannot search a specific column

Tags remain the ideal solution imo.

I see that phabricator added a notion of subproject recently could it help in this case?


Le 08/07/2016 08:48, Federico Leva (Nemo) a écrit :
Chase Pettet, 07/07/2016 23:07:
I think the ideal is that a task has finite work and is eventually closed.

Yes, this is the reason some dislike the tracking tasks; not a problem if you create reports for, say, 12 different classes of actionable search problems and add a handful blockers for each.

(A contributing factor was that Phabricator's support for dependencies between tasks is awful: hard to add, no flexibility in notifications, no charts, no searchability. Tracking tasks were very powerful in bugzilla, not so much in Phabricator.)


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