Hi Quim and Pau,

TL;DR, the suggested design icons are men.

I realize that it's not the best to make a negative comment without offering a solution, but here I go. Both of these suggestions for the design icon read as men (the first even being called "man" that refers to mankind most likely but no one ever thinks of a woman, and the second being a fairly stereotypical architect bald-with-glasses look which I suppose could sort be a generic person but doesn't read as anything other than a man to me, personally).

While I know that you have no intention to imply anything in that regard, if I were approaching as a volunteer and a woman it would (maybe only subconsciously) read to me as if things are a bit man-centric. 

I would prefer that not be the case.


Regarding the design icon I would prefer something more simplistic.
Since icons seem to be based on the noun project, I took the architect
one <http://thenounproject.com/noun/architect/#icon-No1484> and made
this quick adaptation
<https://dl.dropbox.com/u/30377416/design/mw_design_icon_idea.svg> to

make it a bit more MediaWiki specific (and replace #000 with #111). I
made a screenshot of the result in the page
<https://dl.dropbox.com/u/30377416/design/mw_design_icon_in_context.png> to

see the icon in context.

Looks good. Can you upload the icon to Commons, please?

Thank you!