Will I be able to participate remotely? here are some of my current contributions to the Noun project http://thenounproject.com/notnarayan/#

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Also there are 40 tickets reserved for staf and volunteers:

Please Register here:
with RSVP with promotion code "Wiki"

I am posting this to the blog and also sending to WMF SF


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Glad everyone's getting excited about this! So far we have a great turnout of designers on the Eventbrite.
> What is the plan, if there is any? Any wiki page for coordination?

And also: is there a wishlist we could add to? Quim mentioned the
MediaWiki visual identity page: we're currently in need of great icons
for our tech volunteer engagement pages.

The way this works is we compile and prioritize a list of symbols we want to visually encode. The Noun Project will choose around 30 of these to tackle in an Iconathon (they have a pretty good feel for what can be done based on past experiences). The design team is getting an initial list together and will put it up on a Wiki for people to add to. We'll link it on this thread.

TNP will be running the show as far as event logistics. The event will have the following structure:
  1. A short lecture from a domain expert (someone from WMF).
  2. Presentation by one of The Noun Project's founders to introduce the Iconathon design process that has worked for them in the past.
  3. Lunch and mingling for 30-60 minutes.
  4. Break into groups of 3-5 with designated symbols to work on. Design with pen, paper, whiteboard. This will last a few hours.
  5. Closing/wrap-up discussion.
Afterwards, The Noun Project will take the pen/paper sketches and have their vector artists render them in SVG. They will be released about a month after the event under a CC public domain marker.
Yup. This event was set up to serve these projects directly.


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Design mailing list