Its my great pleasure to welcome Nirzar Pangarkar to the User Experience team. Nirzar joins us from Cleartrip[1], where he was integral in extending their design team, and extending their product to new markets. While there he was responsible for aspects of user experience, visual design, and front end coding and prototyping both on their mobile application and desktop site.

Nirzar joins the Wikimedia Foundation as a User Experience Designer, and will be working with the many teams throughout the organization on reader engagement across platforms.  

In Nirzar’s time at Cleartrip, he worked on composing new design language as well as new front-end architecture, which is serving more than a million people per day. Later on, he took on the role of leading the design for mobile products, making Cleartrip the market leader in mobile space. 

Nirzar has worked in online retail and with complex products in the travel planning space. Nirzar will be functioning as an UX designer on the team, however his visual design[2] and prototyping skills will be integral to the continued success of our team and our projects. 

He is excited to be part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission. When he’s not at work, Nirzar loves spending time with his dog[3]. He likes hiking and taking pictures on weekends. He enjoys watching films and discussing film making.

Nirzar will be working remote from Bangalore starting December 1, and relocating to SF most likely during Q3. He will be in SF during All Hands. 

Jared Zimmerman  \\  Director of User Experience \\ Wikimedia Foundation