Its my great pleasure to welcome Moiz Syed to the User Experience team. Moiz joins us from Hipmunk, where he was integral in building their design team from zero to a team of four. While there he was responsible for the user experience both on their mobile application and desktop site.

Moiz joins the Wikimedia Foundation as a User Experience Designer, and will be working with the team on everything from mobile, analytics, core features, multimedia, and growth.

Moiz was the first designer at Hipmunk, where he most recently lead the effort to redesign their mobile app from the ground up, coinciding with the iOS 7 launch. In addition to interaction design, Moiz is interested in information visualization, design for accessibility, privacy and social activism.

Moiz has worked at startups, consultancies, and in-house at companies such as Citrix and IBM. Moiz will be functioning as an UX designer on the team, however his visual design, data visualization, and prototyping skills will be integral to the continued success of our team and our projects. 

He is excited to be part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission. When he’s not at work Moiz is busy volunteering as a designer for activist groups like Private Manning Support Network and Code Pink. He also enjoys reading, documentary photography, and making loud annoying sounds on his MicroKorg synth.

Jared Zimmerman  \\  Director of User Experience \\ Wikimedia Foundation