The Echo flyout has "Alerts (NN) · Messages (NN)" to switch between its two "panes". Somehow there has been a regression:
a) They're both blue (T71929) so it's not clear which one you're viewing.
b) If the flyout shows only "Alerts" (because you're not involved with any Flow boards) it's blue even though unclickable (T73733).

The Collaboration team needs to fix this soon.

The issue is whether Echo's flyout should move to the mediawiki.ui standard for tabs, and what that is. The Trello card for this is .  Mobile's Watchlist > Modified uses both a button group and a set of tabs (see the Trello card's attachment), there are pros and cons to each. Jared suggested using a button group for [Alerts (NN) | Messages (NN)] , but the current CSS for mediawiki.ui button group implementation doesn't seem to have the notion of the active/selected button. If we add mw-ui-progressive to mark the active button the way Mobile watchlist does, then the current unclickable state looks like a button, so it's back-to-front.

I assigned Pau to , but there's seems a general UX standardization issue(s). I hope some guidelines come out of this.

=S Page  Collaboration team engineer