Ooh, didn't notice that! Now have.

To be honest, looking at that, it needs serious design love. I've got a pretty big monitor, and with *one* draft saved that's an 8th of my screen taken up. Enwiki, where they're discussing implementing this, has a metric buttload of templates, page notices, headers, so on, so forth - all of which will appear above the edit window, along with this.

On 18 September 2012 02:15, Helder . <helder.wiki@gmail.com> wrote:
Oliver Keyes said:
> Like, if I save a draft, cool. Except it doesn't reappear when I open the
> same page's editing window again.
When I open a page for which I made a draft of a new version,
it shows the list of existing drafts on top of the edit window.
If I click in the link provided, the page is reloaded with my draft inside the
edit box and I can continue updating it before publishing it.
Maybe it was just a bug when you tested?

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