Andre, how much control over this do we have?

a few notes:

Step 1 of 3: Find out if your issue has already been reported, Please search if your bug or feature request has been already reported by entering some search words in this box that have to do with your issue, for example upload error or search empty. Then press the Search button. The results will appear in the box below. 

This is pretty verbose, and feels very repetitive, can we just say:

"Search to see if your issue has already been reported."
__________ [ Search Issues ]

for the search results can we refactor them a bit

Summary / Product / Component / last updated / Assigned to / [This is my issue] 

[This is my issue] would prompt the user to add the bug to their watch bugs list if they have an account, or prompt them to create an account otherwise.

Can we have the search step on its own page, e.g. force users to search before you can manually add their own? The option to add your own could show up after you've done a search.

[ My issue is new ] 

I assume there will be other components in the list, only one is showing now, why is it duplicated in the box and to the right of the box?

Can we swap Summary and Component areas?

Having images is VERY helpful esp. if it is a design issue, Can we add an image upload step after summary step, and allow multiple images?

is URL usually have helpful information in it, if so perhaps we could move that field up below results/expected results

Can we make reproducibility an optional step and just add the control under the "steps to reproduce" not in a new section just below the text field?

Wrap the remaining questions in a collapsed section called "Advanced", Additional notes, browser, OS(?), mediawiki version(?), etc.

a few overall notes
  • I think we could get by and still be clear with much less text
  • I don't think we need to have step 1,2,3, especially if we can move the search to its own page
Overall this is a great improvement. If you're up for making some changes and iterating on it later when the design team or I have some free cycles that would be great. 


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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Andre Klapper <> wrote:

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I plan to enable a guided bug entry form on Wikimedia Bugzilla for
newbies, to make reporting issues slightly easier. It can be seen on
  Login:    test@test.wmflabs
  Password: testtest

Is this utterly horrible and unusable, or can I deploy it on without making designers scream and ignore me for
the rest of my life? The CSS isn't great (at least it *is* CSS now,
sigh), but I needed to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Quick'n'dirty CSS recommendations are also welcome.
Andre Klapper | Wikimedia Bugwrangler

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