Ori Livneh

On Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 12:04 PM, Federico Leva (Nemo) wrote:

Krinkle, 17/11/2012 20:09:
This feature is not in need of javascript code. Any javascript, regardless of the shape or form, related to this feature is by definition obsolete and temporary. One could even argue and say this is outside the scope of the E teams. The usability team (which is sort of a 2009 E-like team equivalent) has already proven this. We've been there, done that. Now it is up to Platform to implement it for the long term in a way that doesn't break our servers. We no longer need event logging and what not, it'll be like any other native link in MediaWiki core.

Nothing to add, but a small point (à la wikitech-ambassadors?): as it's
already been pointed out, most Wikimedia projects/big Wikipedias I
remember have had something like that by default for years, so (when
you're ready) please communicate the exact schedule for the deployment
of the solution in MediaWiki core so that they can disable the custom JS
in due time and avoid weird interactions.
It will be wonderful to get rid of the custom JS!


My previous reply to the list bounced because I wasn't subscribed. Reproducing it here:

I made it perfectly clear from the outset that I consider a JavaScript implementation unacceptable, and went as far as saying I would not feel comfortable +2ing it. Not sure why I'm listed as a proponent of a hack. I'm in favor of releasing early and often, but outputting one form of markup and then shuffling it to be something else is not merely suboptimal -- it violates the basic guidelines for code tidiness that allow developers to move around a codebase as large as ours and be able to read and understand it.

I'm going to see to it that this gets implemented properly, either by reviewing the patch or writing it. I or someone from my team will coordinate deployment.

Ori Livneh