These were based off of Android's Ice Cream Sandwich Palette.

We started there and were tweaking from it, mainly because it was designed with a dark chrome in mind (which is why it's candy-like). In reality, ICS takes a mostly blue-accent approach and only uses those colors sparingly (e.g. never to fill a button).

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 6:47 PM, Brandon Harris <> wrote:

       So, commenting on this (I know nothing of its origin, just that it was pasted into the design channel - I've been out-of-pocket):


       Overall, I think the colors in the "test" palette are too . . . candylike.  This could be an artifact of the shadowed text (which I generally think we need to stay away from), but overall it reminds me too much of Twitter.

       I can tell you that the global community will not really like it if we go this route.

       The red works, the blue is close, the orange seems . .  i dunno.  I've never really seen orange buttons.  But the green is way, way too twitter-like to pass.  This needs darkening, I think, or strengthening.

       What are the hex values these are based on?

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