I somehow came into looking at labels of media insertion buttons in different MediaWiki editiing environments.

In VisualEditor it's Insert -> Media. The dialog that appears allows searching for any file.

In WikiEditor (2010) it's "Embedded file". The dialog that appears allows typing any file name. This inserts a "[[File:..." link.

The vanilla wiki editor (a.k.a. 2006, with the " preference disabled) has two buttons: "Embedded file" (with a picture icon) and "File link" (with a trumpet icon). The former inserts "[[File:Example.jpg]]", and the latter inserts [[Media:Example.ogg]]. AFAIK, this is actually quite wrong because "Media:" links are not for audio and video, but for linking to files in a shared repo. I also know that this editor is probably on its way to retirement, but I'm mentioning it just in case.

So this is the current reality. Now some questions:

1. I feel that "Media" is not the optimal label. I understand that it's supposed to include images, audio, and video, but I suspect that the way it is now, it's equally unclear to many people for all the types of media. For years, every time I was showing people in real life how to edit a page in VE, they asked how to add an image, and I had to tell them how to find the "Media" button. Many people had trouble finding it themselves. Perhaps something like "Images and media" would be better? Was any focused user testing done about this?

2. Should the 2010 WikiEditor label be the same as Visual Editor? Functionally they are quite similar, and "Embedded file" is definitely not optimal. Both "Embedded" and "file" say nothing about images, and are quite technical.

3. Is it worth doing anything about the 2006 labels, or are they just going to be completely removed from the code soon?

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