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> Separate note, but what do people think about having a bigger "Sign Up"
> button when Login is presented? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr,
> LinkedIn, and Amazon.com are doing it on their mobile sites (gating as a
> driver varies by site). Ebay, and Youtube, which uses the same entry point
> as Gmail, don't. I guess this is an interesting area for A/B tests, which
> maybe have already been done.

When we launched the new login design on desktop, it took what once was a plain text link on the page inviting people to sign up, and turned it in to a green button with a call to "Join Wikipedia".

This isn't A/B test data, but we are tracking signups via this button across all wikis.[1] Looking at this data shows that many people are accidentally or intentionally visiting login and then moving on to create an account. On July 10, to pick a random day, there were 708 English Wikipedia signups via the desktop login CTA. That's 17% of all enwiki registrations (4.53K, with 614 via mobile). 

Personally I'd say this doesn't merit an A/B test to justify. Just add it, and instrument it (potentially pre and post design change?) with a campaign if you want an easy way to know how many people sign up via the button. 

1. enwiki data: http://ee-dashboard.wmflabs.org/graphs/enwiki_campaigns

Steven Walling