I will be preparing a GUI template to help the team's design process towards a standardized interface smoother. But before I do that, I'd like to hear what you think will be relevant and helpful to you, it helps me prioritize what's most helpful now. I'm including some devs in the loop with this too just to see if they have any input. 

If don't know what a Graphical User Interface (GUI as in "goooey") template is, it's a template mainly for designers while designing products. Think of it like a sticker book where every control, list item, text are individual stickers, and you put them together with a few given rules like space, sizes, composition etc. So it's safe to say that I'll be making some stickers for designers. This GUI template sticker book is typically presented in file formats that designers usually work with, most popularly Illustrator .ai, Sketch .sketch, and Photoshop .psd files. But I'll be starting with either a .sketch or a .ai file.


Here are some examples: 

Apple's GUI
Android's old version GUI
Google's Material Design GUI


This etherpad has a few ideas listed. I hope to help us all look and feel like one product soon and make everyone's life as easy as possible while getting there. Let me know how this can be integrated into your work better.

Please respond at etherpad by EOD October 31st.