Thanks for the updates!

From a process perspective, I'd ask that you post your goals to the public goals page, as it's the centralised place where we keep all goals.


On 10 November 2015 at 09:43, May Tee-Galloway <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

We want to post an update on the progress on UI standardization’s Q2 goals.

Late last week we were able to collect most of your team priorities so
we, the UI Standardization team, can better sync efforts to
collectively achieve UI consistency with other teams. We’ve started
with Reading, Editing and Search/Discovery. Through learnings from
more conversations, we then reached out to several teams across the
foundation that produce front-end user interfaces. These priorities
are documented here:

We are still in the process of gathering feedback from more community
members, Community Resources, and Design Research teams. The timing
hasn’t been ideal, but I am very happy to see this many participation
from relevant parties as a start from the *entire* foundation. We are
learning to better join forces and we are learning fast. Hence, going
forward in the next quarters to come, we want to make it a point to
better integrate teams and community members that do similar work and
care about this matter.

It's well into mid Q2 now, our scope for Q2 will be smaller, but
nonetheless productive and impactful. For the remaining quarter, we
will be prioritizing on these efforts:
1- Basic styles implemented with CSS and accompanying HTML
2- Style Guide - Guide on how and when to use UI components
3- Improve accessibility of our interface (Vector, OOjs UI, MediaWiki UI)

There will be list of FAQ on our MediaWiki page
( in the next
couple of days on how we came to prioritize these requests with your
help. We will also be sharing the estimated timelines for these said
top priorities within this week.

We will be posting more on the public design list so our community can
be in the loop and have weight even at goal settings. I hope to see
further design-related topics be brought up in the same channel as

So, stay tuned! More updates to come.

May & Volker

Dan Garry
Lead Product Manager, Discovery
Wikimedia Foundation