Hey design people!

Some of you may know the iOS team has been working with a consultant to improve the Accessibility in the iOS app. What you may not know is that we have been learning more than just the technical aspects. 

Austin[1] has been helping us out with understanding how users actually navigate content and how the visual design translates into the VoiceOver interface. Joe Walsh, especially, has been working on improving the UX of the app for Accessibility users.

Joe, Monte and myself are facilitating a session at the Dev Summit this year to demo and discus how we can incorporate what we learned into our products.  

It would be great to have anyone interested in design to discus the topic. Please signup if you are interested!

Designing, implementing, and testing Accessibility on Apple Platforms 

[1] Austin’s Ted Talk:
How the blind use technology to see the world | Austin Seraphin ...