VisualEditor has the option to take over section edit links. We find this is probably going to be unpopular for people who want to at least sometimes edit wikitext, but don't want to loose them as VisualEditor users. After discussing a few different options, including showing both links (really cluttered and horribly long in some languages) and using icons (no icon would really convey what we want here).

We have decided that it's probably best to make the edit link show an alternative in a menu on hover. There's a prototype of this (somewhere) that MatmaRex has hacked together (screenshot attached) which is close. I mocked something up that is similar but perhaps a little better looking.

Max brings up a good point about my mockup, which is that it doesn't quite fit with other vector-isms. Given that Vector is something we want to evolve, we shouldn't get too caught up in that, but it's something worth considering since deviation from what vector is today should probably only be done if it's in the direction of what Vector should be in the future.

I'm hoping that others on the list could perhaps make suggestions, offer ideas, make simple mockups or prototypes and help make this feature as good as possible.

We need to have this solved quickly since we are releasing in a couple of weeks.

- Trevor