Go Man Go (19531983) was an American Quarter Horse stallion and race horse. He was named World Champion Quarter Running Horse three times in a row, one of only two horses to achieve that distinction. Go Man Go was considered to be of difficult temperament. While waiting in the starting gate for his very first race, he threw his jockey, broke down the gate, and ran alone around the track. He was eventually caught and went on to win the race. He retired from racing in 1960. During his five years of competition he had 27 wins and brought earnings of more than $86,000 ($634,000 in 2007 dollars). Neither of his parents raced. His sire (father), the Thoroughbred stallion Top Deck, was bred by the King Ranch. His dam (mother) hailed from Louisiana; Go Man Go is thought to have gained his swiftness on the track from her. For the first years of his racing career, Go Man Go's owner faced difficulty in registering him with the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), a matter that remained unresolved until 1958. Go Man Go went on to sire two All American Futurity winners and seven Champion Quarter Running Horses. He was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame, along with two of his offspring. His daughters also produced, or were the mothers of, a number of race winners, including the Hall of Fame member Kaweah Bar.

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