Here is your article for improvement for the week of 24th - 29th January 2022.


Each week, the community comes together to select one article from the Dagbani Wikipedia and casually collaborate to improve it to attain A-Class status.

*What you can do:*
? Expand the content of the Article of the Week
? Add new sections
? Add more references
? Add images
? Add categories
? Correct grammatical errors and improve the overall quality of the article.
And if you?re craving for more, improve their Wikidata item or English
Wikipedia article too
Get involved in deciding future articles
Nominate your favourite article every Sunday either via the public
community mailing list dagbani-wikimedians@googlegroups.com, dagbani@lists.wikimedia.org, telegram or the
WhatApp group.

 Nominations should be in by 3pm
A deciding poll will be created and people can vote until 8pm before the next article of the week is announced.

See previous https://dag.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bagabaga_College_of_Education