Another bug report:

    I'm able to select files the first time I visit Category:Sevilla, but after moving one, coming back to move more pictures always selects the first image (not the image I clicked) and when I try to move it, it says that that picture is not on Category:Sevilla. When I reload the category page (F5) it works again for one time.


2007/5/22, Magnus Manske <>:
OK, many news:
* Fixed the edit conflict issue
* Moved the box to the right side of the page, so it won't overlap the
images on a decent screen ;-)
* Added a "copy" option ("copys" the images into a new category = adds
the category to the page text)
* lots of parent/subcategories (e.g., "Sports") are now displayed in a
scrollbox - mucho coolo ;-)

Next is probably a "remove" (from this category) option - tomorrow...


On 5/22/07, Ayelie <> wrote:
> On 5/21/07, Magnus Manske < > wrote:
> >
> > I have put online a little JavaScript tool which allows (mass-) moving
> > of images between categories within commons through point-and-click
> > (no use of keyboard necessary;-)
> >
> > I tested this on my local MediaWiki installation, where it worked
> > fine, but didn't stress-test it on commons yet. It can't damage
> > anything on commons, but it might not work under certain conditions at
> > the moment.
> >
> > That said:
> >
> >
> > Awaiting critique and bug reports :)
> Bug Report #1 from your friendly script tester :p
> After clicking "move" to move something, the preview was fine and the edit
> was right; but when clicking "save" I got an edit conflict, with nobody. You
> can see my screenshot here:
> . This happened twice; both of the attempts I made on my first try. I just
> tested it again and it happened another time. Thinking it may be the
> character (Pecs to Pécs) I attempted it another time: moving
> Category:Globular Clusters to Category:Globular clusters. Still didn't work.
> Not sure why I would be getting edit conflicts while using it     :/
> Other than that, congrats on another lovely script, Magnus :)
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