There is material that can be used for particular purposes and not others. For instance logos. Many logos of friendly organisations have been removed from Commons because they are not "Free content" They are not free because they represent trade marks.

The fact that we have not been able or willing to find a solution for this reasonable exemption of Commons policy makes an alternative possible.

Another category are screen dumps. Nobody will protest for using undoctered screen dumps. The restrictions are in using the art work of a user interface for other user interfaces..

2009/6/16 Daniel Kinzler <daniel@brightbyte.de>
Eusebius schrieb:
> Samuel Klein a écrit :
>> Actually, I would be content with a less-free repository for media not
>> suitable for commons but still of use to at least one page on one
>> Wikimedia project -- I would like to be able to monitor (and pressure
>> to become totally free) all 'local upload' materials on a single wiki.
>>  The technical advantages of having a single way to call a file from
>> multiple namespaces would still apply, but there could be strong
>> pressure to replace any non-free media with free media ... while
>> releasing some of this kneejerk pressure on Commons.
> You mean having a kind of central repository for "fair use" media, for
> instance? I'm not sure it is a good idea, because local "fair use" (and
> generally non-free) policies are based on local laws and regulations. A
> non-free use which is acceptable in some country might not be acceptable
> in some other.
> Maybe I haven't totally understood what you meant, though.

This is simply not possible. A repository of fair use material is a
contradiction in terms. Fair use, and similar concepts in other jurisdictions,
depends on the context the image is used in - usually, and editorial context. In
a repository, such a context is missing, so it would not be legal to have the
images there. A fair use image is always bound to its context of use, otherwise,
it's not fair use, it's simply distribution.

-- daniel

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