I don't think that more policies and guidelines are the answer; we already have official policies like this one that are routinely ignored because people concentrate on licencing at deletion discussions to the exclusion of all other issues.  The correct answer is more effective use of existing guidelines and policies, both through better education and awareness that there are important issues beyond copyright on one hand, and if that doesn't work, thinking about some heavier consequences for users and admins who persistently ignore such policies.


On 9 April 2012 12:06, Gnangarra <gnangarra@gmail.com> wrote:
maybe we need a Flickr specific policy/guide like http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Precautionary_principle or put more emphasis on the precautionary principle with living people change it from significant doubt to plausible doubt, where the onus for undeletion requires the photographer to establish permission.

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