I propose forbid uploading images from Ukrainian Wikipedia, because uk-wp admins abuse copyright. Some of them uploads non-free images with free licence. Other ones use fairuses in templates and userpages. And you may upload ANY image and put license {{Fairuse in}} and image will stay on Wikipedia during months.

Last week some sysop (Turzh) uploaded many images with license CC-BY-SA from the site sobory.ru , but author allows only non-commercial usage (see OTRS ticket#2008070810020169). I ask that sysop to delete these images because such permission is unappropriate but he continued upload images. Today I ask him again to delete it (because images with free license maybe uploaded by any user to Commons; and I as Commons' sysop care about purity of project), but he said that he not uploaded it in Commons, it is uk-wiki, and he does what he want. Then I put templates {{db}} to some images but he blocked me for 24 hours.

That's why I suggest to forbid uploading images from uk-wiki (firstly via CommonsHelper and then with another ways) without admin review.

Anatoliy Honcharov (Анатолій Гончаров)