This isnt a commercial application the money goes to enable him acquire the physical consols to  photographs from there the consols are being given over to museum afterwards for on going care and public display/access. Where the Wiki-PR was a commercial application specifically to make a profit that offered assurances on establishing notability and article content.

Taking photographs is an expensive hobby but again the person doesnt appear to be asking for money to obtain personal equipment only funds to purchase the units, and is offering the result up for free... An interesting aspect is that those that donate can get the RAW files, maybe Commons could explore allowing raw files to uploaded....


On 2 November 2013 07:03, Samuel Klein <> wrote:
That's the first one I have heard of.  Congratulations, Evan!  Kickstarters such as this are fantastic, and I am glad to see it was successful.   

The debate is (or should be) about paid advocacy, not paid editing.  Many people are paid in part to help add free knowledge, often by popular demand, to the commons.  Wiki-PR evaded the en:wp guidelines about paid advocacy, published their own third-party articles to fake the appearance of multiple independent sources, and used socks to hide their connection. These are not comparable.


On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 6:34 PM, Nathan <> wrote:
A post is live on Gizmodo today about a Commons contributor (Evan-Amos) who
takes high quality photos of video game systems and hardware.[1] Towards
the end it mentions that Evan started a Kickstarter to fund his efforts to
buy and photograph more systems as part of an online museum.[2]

Anyone know if this is the first Wikimedia-related Kickstarter campaign, or
has it happened before? What do people think about someone raising ~$13k to
contribute photos to Commons? How does that fit in the debate about paid
editing? To me it has a very different feel than, say, Wiki-PR. But...

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