And ofcourse don't forget these:
* etc.

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2011/2/24 geni <>
On 23 February 2011 17:40, Paul Houle <> wrote:
>     If you wanted to encourage a 'game mechanic' in Commons,  I think
> you'd want to make it first of all a friendly competition to 'catch them
> all' and secondarily a competition to get better quality photographs.  I
> think the ideal Commons photographer would be a person who's interested
> in some specific category (say going to concerts and snapping pictures
> of musicians or taking pictures of birds.)  To support this there's a
> need for tools that make it clear where the holes are,  both in the
> sense of "We don't have any pictures of X" or "We'd like to get better
> pictures of X".

Problem is that this is in practice a far better fit for wikipedia
where such lists are generated in passing than commons.

For example:

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