Hi Paul,

How was that implemented?

How, if at all, do new contribs on the upstream commons propagate to your fork?

Does your site allow participation or it's read-only? If read-write how, if at all, do contribs flow back to commons?

How much manual work is required for all of that? Is this available for the general public to use?


On May 16, 2011 1:32 PM, "Paul Houle" <paul@ontology2.com> wrote:
> On 5/16/2011 11:07 AM, Chris McKenna wrote:
>> I don't know how well such a censored subset would work, given that every
>> organisation's content policies I am aware of are different to each other,
>> and the technical challenges associated with censorship, but I am no
>> expert.
> I've actually implemented a "censored subset" of Wikimedia Commons
> so I've got some insight into this. One of my projects has partners
> that won't work with web sites that have nudity, so I've had to remove
> potentially offensive content from a sample of nearly a million images.
> This site has also has a large audience in K-12 education so I'm
> sensitive to people's concerns in that area.
> Considering images that are used in actually Wikipedia, I'd say
> that a bit less than 0.1% (about 1 in 1000) of images contain nudity
> that "somebody" could find offensive. That includes pictures of ancient
> pots from Persia that show couples having intercourse, pictures taken
> at nude beaches that aren't conceivably lascivious as well as pictures
> of body modifications that you might bot believe until you saw them.
> Oddly, people tend to think of Wikipedia as a place that's good
> for K-12 use despite the fact that it's not officially "family
> friendly." A lot of that is because you can use Wikipedia for a very
> long time and not find anything offensive, unless you go looking for it.
> If the picture of the day was truly a random sample of what was in
> Wikipedia, I suppose we'd get something offensive and a big argument
> about it every three years or so -- so maybe this is all just par for
> the course.
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