Hi there!

We have a small update on the state of WCQS beta:

1) We added a way of using SDoC based prefixes. You can both use prefixes like sdc: in queries and they will be used in results display. Note that at this moment it is impossible to pin them to the query directly from GUI. For more details see [1]. Also note that autocomplete for non-wikdata items is still not working.
2) Data reload has been automated and will happen around 9AM UTC every Tuesday - actual time of the update depends on previous, data munging steps, which do not block the service. It takes now about 3-4h, during which service is being taken down. There is a maintenance page up when that happens. Like we mentioned before - this kind of data reload is temporary and will be replaced when we go into production.
3) We want to focus next on tasks that will help us decide how to move the service into production. 

A reminder - if you find any bugs or issues, don't hesitate to drop as a ticket on Phabricator with the tag wikidata-query-service. 

Have fun!

[1] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T258625


Zbyszko Papierski (He/Him)

Senior Software Engineer

Wikimedia Foundation