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From: Marti Johnson <>
Date: Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 3:08 PM
Subject: [Wikimedia Announcements] Project Grants program will fund 10 community-led projects

Hi all,


In the third round of Project Grants, 32 eligible proposals were submitted for review. The committee has recommended 10 projects for a total of $224,900 in funding. WMF has now approved all 10 grants. Here’s what we’re funding. [1]


Online organizing: two projects funded


This year, the Wiki Loves Monuments International Team will continue to encourage content on diverse cultural heritage sites in this annually-run contest. By addressing the need for partnerships and development of tools to support participants, this project hopes to bolster local communities to contribute and collaborate on the Wikimedia projects, with a focus on Commons and Wikidata.[2]


Led by a prolific English Wikipedian, Dr.Blofeld, this project aims to equip prospective contester organizers with toolkits and design ideas, enabling them to customize their own campaigns. In addition, the project will include a large contest to boost the geographic diversity of representation of women on English Wikipedia.[3] [4]



Offline outreach: seven projects funded


Recently-recognized affiliate Wikimedians of Peru User Group will organize a Wiki Loves Monuments contest through outreach efforts with the Ministry of Culture in Peru as well as with newer participants outside of Lima to contribute national and cultural heritage to the movement.[5]


Through extensive outreach in underrepresented regions in Sri Lanka, this project plans to expand knowledge of the traditional industries, agricultural trades, and crafts of Sri Lanka. With integrated support from the Noolaham Foundation, engagement with local communities through their livelihoods will be a significant step toward documenting cultural heritage in Tamil Wikipedia, Commons, Wiktionary, and Wikibooks.[6]


El Colegio de México will lead and coordinate with libraries and academic institutions in Mexico to develop and disseminate best practices in knowledge-sharing through Wikimedia projects.[7]


As a follow-up to a previous WMF grant with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), John_Cummings and Navino Evans will facilitate long-term infrastructure to support ongoing content donations, including media and text for Wikipedia and Commons, and structured data for Wikidata.  Using the UNESCO partnership as a model, they will educate and encourage other scientific and cultural institutions to contribute open license material.[8][9][10][11]


A returning grantee from the Inspire Campaign, West Virginia University Libraries’ Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equality will foster partnerships with three other academic institutions. The project will develop a scalable model for cross training student life and university library staff to promote Wikipedia editing as an option for sororities to meet their community service requirements. [11][12]


Partnering with pan-African cultural and tourism program Goge Africa, Wikimedia User Group Nigeria aims to contribute and provide support for media of heritage content.[13]


Through education and training, two Wikipedians in Residence will enable GLAM institutions in Skopje to produce public domain material to Macedonian Wikimedia projects. This will be an opportunity for the Macedonian community to collaborate with the State Archives in the Republic of Macedonia and City Library "Braka Miladinovci," and to target areas for volunteers to explore and release new content to the movement. [14]


Software: one project funded


UK-based organization mySociety aims to populate Wikidata with well-structured, consistent data on elected officials from around the world. EveryPolitician combines data from multiple primary and secondary sources from over 3.6 million data points on almost 73,000 politicians in 233 countries and territories. Through technical infrastructure and volunteer workflows, the project will establish ongoing updates to Wikidata about political leadership around the world, providing access to crucial information for citizens seeking to engage and advocate with their elected representatives.[15]


You can read more about this round on the Wikimedia Foundation blog.[16]

The open call for Project Grants 2017 Round Two will launch on August 28, 2017, with applications due September 26, 2017. [17]


Congratulations to the successful grantees!


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