Hmmmm... bring this up on Foundation-l?  Maybe they could move the date down a little bit.

On 8/24/07, Brianna Laugher <> wrote:
Commons turns 4 on September 7th. I was thinking we could try to have
our own little week-long fundraiser as a way to mark the occasion. But
if there is an official one following it a few weeks later I guess
it's not worth it.


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From: Sue Gardner <>
Date: 22-Aug-2007 23:02
Subject: [Foundation-l] 2007 Fundraising planning begins: request for your help
To: Wikimedia Foundation Mailing List <>

Hi folks,

As announced at Wikimania, the Foundation plans to launch our 2007
fundraiser this fall. Currently we're targeting September 23 to
November 22, although those dates may change.

Our goal is to paint a compelling and accessible picture of the work
we do, and why it's important. In doing that, we hope to persuade new
people to support us those who don't know much about us, but would
be sympathetic if they did.

Here are some areas where we anticipate needing your help:

- We need people to help collect compelling human stories that show
why the projects matter.  We know we're making a major impact on real
people's lives, and we want to collect together some of those stories,
and make sure they get told. If you can help with this, please contact
Cary Bass at , or put your stories here .
Please note though we're not necessarily looking for stories about how
the projects have changed *your* life; we want stories that
demonstrate all kinds of impact e.g., on schools, language groups,
countries, communities of interest, etc., not just impact on
individual people.

- We will need translation help. That will happen through the
translation committee

  - We will need lots of help designing and implementing the message.
  That will happen through the WMF Communications Committee (AKA

- And we will need lots of people to help us plan and carry out the
plans as they're developed. If you can help us with that, please let
Cary know.

Please feel free to distribute this note to anyone who should see it.


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