While I do agree that it is good to have the data in many places and, the Internet Archive on its own moves it to several places as well. Many of us have seen the IA servers at the Library of Alexandria.

While it is ok to find a use for the data at the IA, I would like us to concentrate first and foremost on how we can make better use of the media that is in Commons itself. How we can open it up to more use. Make Commons more accessable.

Do realise that when there is a good use for all the data that is in the IA, the same use and more could be made with the larger amount of data that is in Commons itself.

On 14 October 2013 14:26, Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemowiki@gmail.com> wrote:
Emilio J. Rodríguez-Posada, 14/10/2013 14:18:

Internet Archive has this problem in several other topics, like its
Wayback Machine, there is not search engine to search the billions
grabbed websites by keyword of whatever.

Internet Archive is a pile of hard disks and a time capsule with
backups, and they try to do the best at showing the materials (media
players, pdf viewers), but it is not always easy or possible.

...and that's why Hay said we need someone with a good idea. :)
Now it's easy to download the dataset (though it's not perfect), of course this doesn't automatically make something cool happen with it. Except replication of the data in multiple places, which is a good thing in itself.


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