Wow, what a nice and interesting browser extension. Congrats!

Just a question:  as far as I can see the tool doens't give the complete and correction licensing information, as the source is missing. Or I'm missleading?


2014-12-10 19:30 GMT+01:00 Jonas Öberg <>:
Dear all,

thanks for all your help with answering questions and giving feedback
over the last couple of months. I'm happy to say that we're finally at
a stage where we've hashed 22,452,638 images from Wikimedia Commons
and launched in public beta: is an open API as well as browser plugins, that can query and
get information about images using a perceptual hash that's easy and
quick to calculate in a browser.

What the browser extensions allow you to do is match an image you find
"in the wild" against Wikimedia Commons. If it can be matched against
an image from Commons, it'll show you the title, author, and license,
and give you links back to Wikimedia, the license, and a quick and
handy "Copy as HTML" to copy the image and attribution as a HTML
snippet for pasting into Word, LibreOffice, Wordpress, etc.

Our API provides lookup functions to find information using a URL (the
Commons' page name URL) or using the perceptual hash. You get
information back as JSON in W3C Media Annotations format. of course,
the information you get back is no better than the one provided by the
Commons API, so if you already have a page name URL, you may as well
query it directly, and rely on our API only for searching by
perceptual hashes.

The algorithm we use for calculating perceptual hashes, which you'll
need to query our API, is at


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