David Gerard a écrit :
2009/4/22 Rama Neko <ramaneko@gmail.com>:

Look at
I have edited this image to remove a pavement which I found
distracting, and recreate a part of the front wheel which was missing
because the original crop was too tight. I think that it makes for a
better photograph for an encyclopedic purpose, but the nature of the
manipulation was exactly that of the "Adnan Hajj photographs
( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adnan_Hajj_photographs_controversy )
    Am I being dishonnest when I publish this photograph, or is it OK
because it is for encyclopedic purposes? But then, where is the limit?

If actually editing an image (not merely adjusting levels, but
actually changing the content of the picture), I would expect that
people would detail all doctoring on the image page, and also upload
the undoctored version and link it from the edited image as "original
Actually I'd expect exactly the contrary: leave the original as it is and upload the retouched version as a new file.