2011/11/29 Lars Aronsson <lars@aronsson.se>
On 11/28/2011 10:23 PM, Alex Brollo wrote:
> [...] FineReader 11 [...] produces a complete djvu file [...] Text
> layer hasn't full range of details, it's organized into two levels
> (page and line), while OCR engine on  IA servers produces a very rich
> "tree" (page, column, region, paragraph, line and word).

Has anybody designed a web interface that shows the scanned
image and the zones or regions of the Djvu text layer? It would
look similar to image annotation on Commons,

For a Djvu file uploaded to Commons, could you automatically
generate image annotations for the various text columns and
illustrations? Does image annotation handle multi-page
document formats such as PDF and Djvu?

Thanks for interesing questions. I'm exploring as deeply as I can djvu text layer, metadata, anf informations wrapped into djvu file, and my feel is that djvu support is very primitive, the first needed step perhaps being conversion from "bundled" to "indirect" format; djvu files into the web are great exactly because single pages can be shared into the web, with their complete content.

I'll take a look to Image annotations, I don't know anything about them even if I tested ImageMap extension as a proofreading tool: take a look here: http://it.wikisource.org/wiki/Pagina:Vettura_a_vapore_del_signor_Dietz.djvu/1
Presently I'm building a python DjvuDsed "object", containing any information about the whole text layer and annotations and informations of a djvu file, and I'm adding, one by one, methods and attributes such a formidable object. I'll care for your ideas while going on.