This will probably help speed up the process:

Sorry I don't have time to write in more detail now.

On Mon, Apr 29, 2013 at 6:08 AM, Lila Pagola <> wrote:
Hi everybody,

This is my first message to this list, trying to find the good channel
for sharing some impressions about a recent experience I made in the
Libre Graphics Meeting.

I'm from Argentina, a member of Wikimedia Argentina and also a teacher
working with Wikipedia from several years ago. Maybe you have read
this article in the WMF blog:

So, to the point. I proposed there a workshop about Wikimedia Commons,
oriented to spread the work dynamics of Commons among libre graphics
designers, and also to do some concrete collaborations during the

This workshop was inspired in a similar exercise I did last year with
my students of digital photography, since I discovered (being jury of
Wiki Loves Monuments Spain) a lot of photos with exposure problems.

More info is at my userpage of Commons: and in a few days it
will be also available the report at metawiki.
Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Although time was too short (two hours), we could work with some
requests, and doing so, somebody found something I didn't know, and I
want to know if exists a better way to solve it.

Problem appeared around files needing to be converted to a different
file type, for instance a GIF that should be PNG

When trying to upload the file through "upload new version", it was
not allowed since the file type was different... and when trying
through the general uploader, we need to change the name, so we lost
not only the "history" of the file, but also its identical name.

So, there is better way to do this?
I asked Ezarate (maybe is he in this list?) for advice and he pointed
out a "method" I tested here:

A participant of the workshop also summarized her way as follows:

1. download the jpg in higher resolution
2. make the png version in your computer
3. create a page with the new title. example: File:title.png
4. upload the new file
5. add the same description, licence, source
6. put the date of your upload
7. update the author, also reffering to the original author. example:
B based on A's work
8. add the original file to the "other versions"
9. add the same categories as the original file
10. add to the original jpg file your png version in "other versions"
11. remove the {{badjpg}} tag from the jpg version

What do you think?

Thanks in advance!
And sorry for the long message...

Best from Argentina,

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