On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Robin Schwab <contact@robinschwab.ch> wrote:
Dear commoners

Wikimedia Commons is known to be very strict on copyright. We are even
stricter than most of the Wikimedias. So far so good.

What surprises me a bit is that so many deletion requests never get
processed once the debate is closed.

I find unprocessed deletion requests as old as April 2008!

OK this is an exception but also in May there are several unprocessed

And when I look in June it seems that just a few of them have already
been processed:

What's going on here?



Commons' backlog has always been pretty big, in the time I have been there. Stuff in the speedy category often lasted for months. Now though, an admin bot goes through that and so the backlog for that is non-existent. DR requires a human closure though. More admins are needed! (Or maybe lazy ones like me should pick up the pace).