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Solution A:
Increase the number of admins, which will increase the number of deletions.

True, but also increases the number of controversial deletions; on a
normal project, any time you delete something, you risk being yelled at
by the people on that project. On Commons, you risk being yelled at by
everybody involved with Wikimedia. That's a lot of pressure to put on
someone, especially when they can't easily leave a "Hey, I noticed
[image] seems to need deletion, but you're using it" message (because we
have hundreds of languages, and nobody can hope to speak them all).


I'll have to look at that first thing tomorrow; I'm off to bed right now
Apparently our policies officially say that copyvios (+ maybe NSD/NLD?
I can't remember) can be deleted without removing the image from use.
At least Arnomane and Duesentrieb argue this line and presumably carry
it out. But myself, Fred, Bastique, Angr...don't know who else... we
fear the wrath of 100+ WM projects too much, so we follow this
removing method for all image deletion.

Also: we have at least one functioning "Delinker Bot", but we're not
allowed to use it (even with translated messages) because local
projects get shitty about unregistered/anonymous bots. Can you imagine
registering a bot on some 200 projects?

I hope with the universal login (which was coming "soon" in January,
sigh), we can offer an ultimatum and say, "Let our bot work on your
project or else DEAL with redlinks", because the situation is too

See? This is what I was talking about. Everybody wants to benefit, but nobody wants to accept the responsibility that comes with using what we offer. If you're going to use Commons images, you've got to accept that you're using something under a different set of policies, with a different set of procedures, and adjust to that. Unfortunately, most projects wont.

I am a Commons admin, and the thing that scares me most about Commons
admin work is deletion: Almost everything on Commons, if deleted, cannot
be recovered, and Commons materials are used on all Wikimedia projects.

But think: most of the things that need deleting are random things
that people got off the internet. I figure if they got it off the
internet once, if it's really important, odds are they can go and do
it again, especially if deletion is close to upload date.

And if it's their own work (or they claim it is ;)), then of course
they would have a copy on their own computer. No one would upload
something precious to the Commons and then delete it off their own
computer! Right?

You're more optimistic than I am; it would not surprise me for a second to hear "I uploaded it here, so why keep it!" And when someone is screaming at a Commons admin for deleting an image in process, they're probably not in a place where a rational argument like "You didn't follow process" is going to work.

I still think the best thing to have would be a way to recover deleted images for a short period of time.


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